Physiotherapy is the usage of techniques and methods that treat injuries and disabilities by adding movement to the body. It doesn’t just assist those who suffer from injuries; it isn’t just limited to that. It also caters to the needs of those that suffer from neurological disorders such as a heart attack, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injuries.


The basics

The first task that any physiotherapist performs is conducting a full body checkup in order to develop an understanding of the patient’s body. Your specific treatment depends on your type of injury. However, there is a normal routine that they follow. If the root problem is unidentified by the patient, the physiotherapist fills them in. On the other hand, if the buyer of the services is already suffering from an injury and approached the physiotherapist in order to get themselves treated, the physiotherapist will provide them with a guide on what they are doing wrong and how to perform exercises that will help with healing.


Added perks
Physiotherapy is the answer to a cluster of questions. Will it help my back pain? Will it add movement back to my horribly injured arm? Will it support my goals of building endurance? Can it assist me with dealing better with my asthma? The answer to all those questions is, yes. Yes, it can, and it will. These are the common sought after benefits of physiotherapy, but what most are unaware of is that it comes with a lot more perks than we can fathom.
Physiotherapy is increasingly becoming a trend as more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits. It has gained a huge number of admirers all over the world, with physiotherapy in Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia said to be extremely helpful by its residents, and the physiotherapists in Bentleigh being one of the best.


Keeps you limitless

First and foremost, the biggest perk that physiotherapy brings with itself is that it provides one with an increased range of motion. Say, a back pain that has been present for the past few weeks has been keeping you from reaching the top or the bottom shelf. Placing your things on the counter simply to avoid the upper and lower level shelves because of your back is not the permanent solution. A visit to the physiotherapist will not only cure you of your problem, but it will also help you become more flexible.


Saved by the bell? No, saved by the physiotherapist

If you have been advised to undergo a major surgery for, let’s say, your knee by your doctor, a visit to the physiotherapist might be your savior. Sometimes, the underlying problem with the body part that requires a surgery can be fixed by physiotherapy. Some even say that it is just as effective as a surgery.


Physiotherapy: Say no to painkillers

Studies now claim that the use of pain killers to treat pain is not as useful as it was once thought to be. Using said pills in a heavy doses can risk addiction and the chance of an overdose. How physiotherapy helps with this is that it relieves the body of pain through guided exercises and movements. Upon a steady progress, this proves to be successful and keeps you from consuming pain killers at impulse.

Physiotherapists also help by educating you on where you went wrong and how to avoid the repetition of an injury. They set such coordinated programs that keep you from declining in functionality and help you maintain your progress.
Sports physiotherapy, the most common form, provides the immediate solution to sprained ankles. Upon application of a hot or cold pack by a sports physiotherapist, the swelling of a sprained ankle will go down and the pain will diminish to nothing. This form of physiotherapy, however, is not just limited to the treatment of sports injuries. Its services extend to other areas such as spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. If you are looking for a sports physiotherapist near Bentleigh, then the team at Ormond Physiotherapy is the preferred and trusted.

Another famous method used to relieve muscle pain is remedial massage. What these essentially do is they help heal damaged muscles and relieve tension in the knotted and stressed areas. This is done by the application of oil all over the body in a systematic method by a remedial therapist. This form is not as known as physiotherapy yet, but has gained quite a following in Australia. The success of remedial massage in Bentleigh, a suburb in Victoria, is huge.

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