Our pair of lower limbs is a very important part of our anatomy and looking after them conscientiously is our prerogative and responsibility, if we find any problem minor or major pertaining to both or either of them, it is advisable to consult the right professionals who could help to rectify the problem medically or surgically whilst finding the right solution for it.

Podiatrist Melbourne located just nine kilometers from the Central Business District of the cosmopolitan and vibrant city of Melbourne, in the heart of podiatrist Camberwell in Melbourne’s Inner East area would be the best professionals who could help you with the right solutions.
They have helped many who have come to their clinic with some of them suffering from irreparable damage sustained to their lower limbs but have walked away recuperated and back on their feet.Podiatrist Melbourne

What is Podiatry?
Podiatry is a very specialized branch in the medical profession which pertains to the in-depth study to enable diagnosis, enhancing the ability to medically and surgically treat disorders of the lower limbs especially below the knee extending right to the end of the toes.
The term Podiatry was first coined in the early 20th century in the United States of America and it is used extensively in the United Kingdom, Australia and some other countries.
The term Chiropody or those who practice this type of medical profession are still called Chiropodists in some other English speaking countries which have been doing so prior to the new term of Podiatry coming into being.

Any disorders either by birth or sustained during accidents could be rectified using the specialized techniques which are now considered as professional methods, to rectify them.
Podiatry professionals are qualified and trained to treat children, adults and even senior citizens with their Podiatric problems even extending surgical solutions to rectify ay major problem.
Podiatrists Melbourne have been in the forefront in Podiatric medicine in Australia with some of the best professionals in their cadre and have helped many who have visited them from within Australia and from overseas to seek their professional services and gone back satisfied that their problems have been successfully rectified.

Who is a Podiatrist?
The Australian Board of Podiatrists registers qualified graduates who have followed a specialized course in Podiatric medicine and also offer more extensive training to ensure that they are professionals who could help patients with such defects.
Any qualified professional who holds the relevant qualifications and training coupled with the appropriate registration from the Australian Board of Podiatrists and is trained to diagnose and treat patients suffering from any Podiatric defects could practice in this medical profession.
Podiatric medicine is a fast developing arm in the medical profession as it covers the extensive sporting arenas of the world where sports professionals have perennial issues with their lower limbs that needs corrective action frequently.

Early diagnosis and treatment is always advisable, which has created an unprecedented demand for qualified and trained Podiatrists, which has placed Podiatrist Melbourne in an enviable position to treat any such medical issues at their Camberwell clinic.

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